L. John Van Norden with Grace L. Hudowalski on Cascade, August 26, 1986.  Grace's final high peak climb at age 80.

L. John Van Norden with Stephanie D. Bugden at Boulders (1992).


Grace teamed with L. John Van Norden (No. 2110W) and Stephanie D. Bugden (No. 187) in October 1995 to create a charitable trust that would continue her life work.  Grace asked L. John to serve as trustee of the charity and, on October 18, 1995, Grace and L. John executed the Declaration of Trust establishing the fund.  The Declaration, a perpetual agreement between Grace and her trustee, governs the management, administration and use of Trust funds.  

General inquiries concerning Trust operations and administration are welcome and should be directed to the Trustee:

L. John Van Norden
12 Cobb Street

S. Portland, ME 04106
Telephone: (207) 400-5224

email:  ljohnmaine@aol.com